vineri, februarie 25

Kusudama Loop

Model: Kusudama "Loop"
Autor: S. Kase
Tip: modular
Numar unitati: 30
Dimensiune hartie: 8 cm x 8 cm
Modalitate asamblare: imbinare + lipire
Dificultate: medie

Instructiuni video: aici
Sursa: Youtube
Diagrama: aici

2 comentarii:

  1. hi, this is such a pretty kusudama!
    i wonder, whether the units that you use have some kind of alterations or just the original unit like in the diagram?

  2. hi and thank you for visiting my blog. unfortunately, i am afraid i don't know if these units have some other kind of alternation. all i can say is that i've made this model from 6 and 30 units, but i've also seen an kusudama loop containing a number of 90 units.